Assessment Process
Correct assessment judgements are made about the product.
The Process
The Ghana Quality Products Ranking follows a rigorous assessment process that involves multiple levels and procedures to ensure that accurate assessment judgments are made about products according to the industry under study.

The assessment process begins with an invitation extended to various key stakeholders in the industry to submit their products for industry research. An institution is tasked with evaluating the products and confirming their validity based on industry standards.

Once the products have been evaluated and validated, an announcement is made of the top 10 products in the industry, which involves a public voting exercise. This exercise provides an opportunity for customers to give feedback on the products and helps companies to understand how to make their customers happier.

Finally, an awards ceremony is conducted to announce the top 10 products according to their ranks and to declare the best product of the year in the market.

In conclusion, the Ghana Quality Products Ranking employs a thorough assessment process that includes industry research, validation, public voting, and an awards ceremony to announce the best products of the year. By participating in this ranking, companies can showcase their commitment to producing high-quality products and gain recognition for their efforts.

Quality Audit Team
The Ghana Quality Products Ranking has an independent Quality Audit Team that oversees the assessment process and ensures that it is conducted with utmost transparency and integrity.

The Quality Audit Team is responsible for coordinating a sampling process, which involves recruiting organizations or individuals with the required industry competence to assess the products submitted for evaluation. These individuals are carefully selected to ensure that they possess the necessary expertise and knowledge to make informed assessments.

In addition to coordinating the sampling process, the Quality Audit Team also handles investigations into any areas of concern that may arise during the assessment process. This could include investigations into favoritism, fraud, or complaints, among other things. These investigations are carried out to ensure that the ranking maintains its high standards and that participants receive the best qualifications possible.

Overall, the Quality Audit Team plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Ghana Quality Products Ranking is conducted fairly and transparently. Their expertise and commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality assurance help to enhance public trust and interest in the products and services provided by companies in Ghana.