"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” ~Henry Ford
Categories & Obligation to Participants
Our inaugural category is focused on Bottled & Sachet Water products and the ranking is based on various factors such as taste, quality, packaging, pricing, and customer satisfaction.
For the purpose of award and ranking, below are the categories that would be awarded to the various participating brands.

Best-Tasting Bottled Water
Best Quality Bottled Water
Best Packaged Bottled Water
Best Affordable Bottled Water
Best Sachet Water
Best Sparkling Bottled Water
Best Branded Bottled Water
Best Filtered Bottled Water
Best Eco-Friendly Bottled Water

The nomination process for the Ghana Quality Products Ranking is straightforward. Companies that produce Bottled & Sachet Water products can submit their products for evaluation by the Quality Team. The Quality Team will then evaluate the products based on the established criteria for each category.

Brands are expected to cover the cost of the process of evaluation as part of their commitment to participate in the ranking & awards.

Once the products have been evaluated, an announcement will be made of the top 10 products in each category. A public voting exercise will follow to receive customers feedback from voting participants and to determine the ranking of the products in each category.

Companies can choose to submit their products in any category that best fits their product offerings.